Real Talk: What is Motivation

Sep 11, 2023

Have you ever wondered what truly motivates you to take action and accomplish your goals? The debut episode of the DAMN Plan Podcast, titled "Finding Motivation and Accountability," delves deep into this fascinating subject. Hosted by Kim and Sandy, this podcast promises to be your go-to source for business insights and personal development tips. In this episode, they explore the essence of motivation, debunking myths, and sharing their own experiences.

Understanding Motivation: Debunking Common Myths

Kim and Sandy kick things off by dispelling one of the most common myths about motivation – it's not some elusive fairy dust that magically appears when we wish for it. Instead, they emphasize that motivation is a product of action. It's not something that comes to us while we're lounging on the couch; rather, it arises when we take that critical first step towards our goals.

This fundamental shift in perspective challenges the idea that you need to wait around for motivation to strike. It places the power squarely in your hands – motivation is something you create through action.

The Role of Accountability in Staying Motivated

One key takeaway from this episode is the pivotal role that accountability plays in maintaining motivation. Kim and Sandy share their experiences with morning walks, where they discuss business and get their creative juices flowing. These walks not only provide an opportunity for personal connection but also serve as a form of accountability.

For solo entrepreneurs, staying motivated can be challenging, especially in an isolated work environment. Having someone to be accountable to, as Kim and Sandy highlight, can be a game-changer. Knowing that someone will ask you if you accomplished your goals for the day can be a powerful motivator.

Sharing Struggles and Seeking Support

The hosts stress the importance of open communication and vulnerability when facing challenges. They recount the value of being part of a sales team, where collective action and accountability were instrumental in their success. The lesson here is clear – you don't have to carry the burden alone. Sharing your struggles with others can provide support, solutions, and a renewed sense of motivation.

Taking Action and Moving Forward

While taking breaks and having days of rest are essential, Kim and Sandy caution against letting them become habits. They encourage listeners to recognize when they need a day off but not to let it turn into a prolonged slump. The key, they emphasize, is to take action to break free from periods of low motivation.

Kim shares a personal anecdote about using avoidance tactics to escape reality – a relatable experience for many. It's crucial to acknowledge these moments and seek support from your network.

The Kickass Motivator: A Sneak Peek

Intriguingly, the hosts offer a sneak peek into their next episode – the Kickass Motivator. This tool is designed to help individuals identify and focus on their motivations, putting them front and center in daily life. It's a powerful way to keep your goals and motivations at the forefront of your mind.

Conclusion: A Podcast Full of Insights

The DAMN Plan Podcast promises to be a valuable resource for anyone seeking business success and personal development. In this first episode, Kim and Sandy deliver a thoughtful exploration of motivation and accountability. They share their wisdom, experiences, and practical tips that you can apply to your own journey.

If you've ever struggled with motivation or wondered how to maintain accountability in your business endeavors, this podcast is a must-listen. Subscribe now and join Kim and Sandy as they dive into a wide range of business topics and help you navigate the path to a profitable and fulfilling business.

Stay tuned for more enlightening discussions, actionable advice, and real talk on business success in future episodes of the DAMN Plan Podcast.

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