You don’t have to settle. Imagine the impossible. Ask for the unlikely.



Everyone is capable of taking authority over their lives & deserves the life they have always dreamt of.


You need a DAMN Plan to be successful.


DAMN Plan Coaching is a mother-daughter partnership that works with women who love their businesses but are frustrated with having too much to do and not enough time. Our clients know their worth, they just need a DAMN Plan to pay themselves what they are worth - every day all day long.

As women, mothers, and caretakers, we know what it is like to do business in the midst of our very real lives. With a combined 45-plus years of business experience, we know what it takes.
Using the 4 principles of The DAMN Plan - Determined-Decisions, Act Consistently, Mind Your Business, and No Excuses, we help our clients design businesses that allow them to live life on their terms and find freedom, love, and money in their business.
Together we have 42 years of business experience. Sandy has a BA in Marketing and Communications paired with owning her own businesses. I'm a serial entrepreneur, owning 12 different businesses, and a business coach of 34 years.    


I truly believe that people are capable of taking authority over their lives and deserve the life they have always dreamt of – they just need a DAMN Plan and the courage to work the DAMN Plan. I know this for a fact. I wrote the book, The DAMN Plan® How To Find Freedom, Love, And Money In Your Business. 

I have trained and coached 1000’s resulting in 100’s of clients launching successful businesses. It is my passion to inspire entrepreneurs from the stage, sharing next steps, and tools as a coach and trainer. It is my mission to help women build profitable businesses they love.

However, I am not all business. When I'm not helping others achieve their dreams, I spend as much time as I can with my grandkids. I love showing them that it is never too late or too soon... now is the best time to live your dreams.

Mandy Faldet

"Kim has been instrumental in helping me plan and build my business. Without her coaching, I wouldn't have the business I have today. Highly recommend Kim and her coaching program!"

Cathy Thompson

"Kim has helped me in so many different ways. She has solid business knowledge, so has kept me on top of financials. She has been indispensable when helping me organize and has given me new ways to approach each challenge. She's the best."

Deborah Ahenkorah

"Kim is a brilliant business coach. She's discerning, smart, kind, and firm. Her philosophy about building a business you love is liberating. I live and work on the other side of the world from Kim, but it didn't even matter - her expertise is solid and the DAMN Plan coaching program delivers. My business and my life have benefitted immensely from our working together. I'm following my DAMN Plan!" 

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