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I'm a woman with a plan! - The DAMN Plan.

As an entrepreneur, author, keynote speaker, and business coach I dedicated my life to helping people start and grow profitable businesses they love. 

I'm the author of The DAMN Plan® How To Find Freedom, Love, And Money In Your Business. In my book, I guide you through lessons learned and the core principles for success learned over 30 years of being in the trenches every day- doing the damn thing.


Co-Founder, Aim High Network
"I would recommend working with Kim to people who need direction and strategy to move their business in the right direction."


Program Manager, North Dakota Women’s Business Center
"Kim is a passionate thinker who talks business in a relatable fashion. She has helped clients navigate through the rollercoaster of entrepreneurship by sharing her story in an authentic fashion."


Owner, African Bureau Stories
"If there was a 10/5 star rating, I would give it. Kim is a brilliant business coach. She's discerning, smart, kind and firm."

Determined To Succeed In 2024!

To love what you do and get paid your value is the sweet spot. Don’t settle for less. You do not have to choose between love and money, but having both requires a plan and the willingness to act consistently. 

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